Spring Showers: Get Ready For Puddles

The daffodils are out, and the days are getting longer. Spring has sprung and with that the opportunity to get outside and do more fun things with the little ones.

One thing that is irresistibly fun for kids is jumping in muddy puddles. It offers so many smiles and giggles, it’s great! Those smiles and giggles can soon turn to frowns and tears if they aren’t wearing the correct clothes. 

Let’s take a look at three ways you can make sure your little one is puddle ready this spring! 


A good quality welly doesn’t only look great, it keeps feet warm and dry which means that the fun can continue for a lot longer than with a leaky old boot. Warm, dry feet mean happy children having loads of fun!

The Joules Rainbow welly has consistently been a favourite with our customers. This bright and fun welly is made from hardwearing, flexible rubber that will ensure comfort and easy movement.

A Comfy Coat

Whilst the weather is getting warmer, it still isn’t warm enough to confidently leave the house without a coat. As well as keeping warm, a good coat will also keep the splashes from puddles from reaching garments that will absorb water more easily and make your child cold.

One of our most popular sellers is the Harley Dino Raincoat. This is both fashionable and practical as it is completely waterproof and is lined with a fleece for warmth and comfort.

Easy to Change Clothes

When they’re jumping in puddles, child will get soaked! As parents, we know just how difficult it can be to look after a wet and cold child. Clothes that can easily be changed for the journey home can be the difference between a child that is seriously unhappy and one that keeps smiling and laughing.

Keeping it simple with a trousers and sweater means that they can regulate their temperature as they play, and you can change them easily should they get wet from puddles.   

The Mayoral Four Piece Knitted Set fits the bill perfectly. They’ll keep your child warm, but with big buttons, they are easy to change your child should they get soaked!